agm 2016

IPDC Annual General Meeting for the 2015-2016 session will be held in Sydney NSW starting 3rd of September 2016. The opening session will be held at the LMA Grand Function Hall in Lakemba. This session will be attended by imams, community leaders and politicians. This will be followed by members-only sessions at IPDC centre in St Marys whereby Central President and Central Majlish Shura will be elected by direct ballot.

The Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) invited the Ulama across Brisbane to the Slacks Creek Masjid on the occasion of a visit from the IPDC Central President Sheikh Dr. Rafiqul Islam from Melbourne, on Saturday 23rd of July.

Please download Ramadan Calendar for your location from here.

Alhamdullilah, Allah (SWT) has blessed us to witness and touch another Ramadan. InshaAllah the month of Ramadan will start on Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th of June (subject to Moon sighting). At this very opportunity, we would like to remind ourselves - how we can utilize to get full benefit from this season of blessings.


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