The Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) invited the Ulama across Brisbane to the Slacks Creek Masjid on the occasion of a visit from the IPDC Central President Sheikh Dr. Rafiqul Islam from Melbourne, on Saturday 23rd of July.

The event was hosted by the Chairman of IPDC Queensland and Chairman of Slacks Creek Masjid, Dr. Akram Hossain, as well as the Imam of IPDC and Imam of Slacks Creek Masjid Imam Akram Buksh. The event was attended by many respected Imams, including Sheikh Yusuf Peer, Head of Council of Imams, Queensland.

The purpose of the event was to thank the Ullama for their support of the IPDC and the Slacks Creek Masjid, as well as to build a long term unified relationship with the Ullama. The event was part of a day long Learning Camp on Islamic Leadership held by the IPDC.

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