Our Mission

To be better Muslims, better Australians

We believe that the universe around us including ourselves is the creation of the One God, and Muhammad (PBUH) was the last prophet to convey and demonstrate the divine will to mankind, and the ultimate purpose of human life is to be God’s representative on earth. In order to fulfil this divine objective, Islamic Practice and Da’wah Circle (IPDC) aims to help Muslims live in accordance with the teachings of Islam by creating a socio-cultural environment, where Muslims can practice their faith in complete harmony with the aboriginal heritage, democratic spirit and multicultural social fabric of Australia.

Through community oriented affirmative work programmes (such as encouraging family values and creating awareness against domestic violence, advancement of education, promotion of better health and ethical uses of resources and environments, enhancing greater understanding between Muslims and non-Muslim communities), IPDC wants to enable Muslims in Australia to contribute, share and promote an all-inclusive Advance Australia Fair.

Australian Muslims demography suggests that the large segments of the community is in the economically productive stage of their life cycle. In terms of employment and average income, Muslim youths are significantly lagging behind. This poses serious public policy challenges. IPDC wants to contribute to overcome this situation, with an especial emphasis in its work program for Muslim Youths.

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