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Islam is the 3rd largest religion in Australia. Though Muslim population constitute only 2.2% of total population, Islamic community is the second fastest growing community in Australia. According to current estimation, there will be almost one million more Muslims in Australia by 2050. Among the Australian Muslims, 40% are born Australian and the remaining comes from 183 countries. Muslims constitute the most ethnically and nationally heterogeneous communities in Australia. The Islamic Dawah works, education and outreach have become crucial for the unity and social development of all Muslims in Australia. While Islamic communities in general achieving their objectives still there are enormous tasks to be undertaken to bring the benefits of Islamic work to the broader community.

By the infinite grace of Allah SWT, The One God and with the help of the community, IPDC established its first Masjid complex in St Mary’s, NSW in 2008. Since then, IPDC has successfully established Masjids and Multi-cultural Islamic centres; Melbourne Multicultural Centre and Golden Wattle Masjid in Melbourne and Armadale Masjid and Islamic Centre (AMIC) in Perth. In 2014, along with Iqraa Quran Academy, IPDC has established Australian Unity Centre and Slack Greek Masjid in Brisbane, QLD.

General Scopes of IPDC Centres:

  • Fulfil the need of prayer facilities in the neighborhood
  • Week end school for children and play group facility
  • Rich Library facilities
  • Foodbank services
  • Multi-faith dialogue sessions
  • Migrant support, youth and children’s activities
  • Periodic multicultural community gathering and open day
  • Periodic learning sessions conducted by renowned scholars
  • Community and social services

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