Our Activities
  1. Teaching and learning: Conduct regular teaching and learning sessions for all level of IPDC volunteers and local communities about Islam as complete code of human life, other faiths, common goods, and Australian cultures and values.
  2. Social caring and sharing: Enable community support network by promoting social visits, patient visits, helping each other for child caring, shopping, and community get together.
  3. New migrant support: Provide support network for new migrant to help them settle in the community; help them find initial lodgements upon their arrival, house to rent, enrolments of their children in the school etc
  4. IPDC women empowerment program: Ensure equal access for women to all IPDC organisational levels (from executive boards to the local units) and all IPDC work programs. Support and rehabilitate the victims of domestic violence and run general awareness campaign about women rights in Islam and in Australia in general.
  5. IPDC next generation program: Organise youth camping, sports and other activities to assist Muslim youths (boys and girls) to integrate smoothly with the wider Australian community whilst still maintaining their values and cultural identity.
  6. Education and outreach program: Organise educational seminars and conferences about Islamic belief systems and Western values with two primary objectives; enabling Muslims to understand Islam in Australian/Western context at the same time informing the wider communities about the universal messages of Islam.
  7. Social welfare program: Create a social welfare fund through collections of obligatory Islamic alms such as Zakat and Fitra and voluntary donations in order to support the needy and disadvantage groups of the communities.
  8. Social awareness program: Organise periodic informative sessions in the local communities about health promotion, occupational health and safety, anti-smoking and harm prevention.
  9. Community language program: Organise language classes for the community including Bengali, Arabic and English languages so that members can learn and maintain their culture and identity
  10. Community services: Provide counselling, information and referral services to the community members particularly on the recent arrival of refugees or humanitarian entrants
  11. Citizen awareness program: Organise informative sessions for the communities to help them fulfil their citizen duties such voting in the general elections and take part in Australian Census.
  12. Environment awareness program: Create better understanding of environmental impacts of all of our actions especially use of water and waste managements with more recycling efforts through awareness campaigns and participating in clean up Australia day events.
  13. Festival and ceremonies: Organise, promote, facilitate, manage and run Islamic ceremonies and festivals.
  14. Collaboration and communications: Maintain cooperative and working relationship with Government and non-Government associations and agencies operating in Australia for a two way effective communications for better access to the common goods.

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