The Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) Annual General Meeting was held in Sydney from 3-4 September 2016 attended by delegates from all over Australia and a large contingent of local members, both males and females.

The Opening Session of the AGM was held on Saturday 3 September at the LMA Grand Function Hall in Lakemba. In addition to members of IPDC, the Opening Session was attended by a diverse variety of invited guests including community leaders, politicians, imams, academics and professionals.


The Opening Session of the AGM started with the recitation of Quran followed by inaugural speech by IPDC Central President Dr Rafiqul Islam and a briefing on IPDC activities by Mr Nazrul Islam Pramanik, Secretary General of IPDC.

In addition to presentations by IPDC leaders and guests speakers, young members of IPDC showcased noshed and songs on the stage and received appropriate awards for their achievements.

The speakers and the guests at the opening session included:

  • Mr Ed Husic, MP, Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Workforce.
  • Mr Jihad Dib, M.P. Shadow Minister for Education Member for Lakemba.
  • Dr Aladin Zayegh, Adjunct Professor, Victoria University.
  • Councillor Khodr Saleh, Member, City of Canterbury Bankstown Council Advisory Group.
  • Siddiq Buckley, Secretary General, Australian Islamic Mission.
  • Usaid Khalil, Secretary General, Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims.
  • Sheikh Akram Buksh, Imam Slacks Creek Mosque, Brisbane.

The chief guest at the opening session was Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad, the Grand Mufti of Australia who elaborated on the practice of Daawah to include:

  • A continuous connection with the Holy Qur’an, both in understanding its meanings as well as its applications.
  • Advancing academically in any area of expertise.
  • Functioning as a great Muslim citizen, applying one’s self with talent and skill.
  • Abiding by noble moral character in all dealings with others, with etiquette, delight, pardon and patient perseverance.
  • Good character is a universal language, known to all people, not needing any translation.
  • Offering service to those in need.

The AGM also included the election of Central President and Central Majlis al-Shura (consultative committee) for the Australia-wide Daawah organisation.

Adapted from originally published AMUST article.

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