Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) Canberra organised its inaugural Ulama and Community Leaders gathering on the 18 December 2016 at Ann Harding Conference Centre, University of Canberra.

Over 60 distinguished community leaders were present including imams of Mosques and presidents of Islamic organisations in ACT.


Special guests included the honourable opposition leader of ACT Legislative Assembly Mr Alistair Coe MLA (Canberra Liberals), Caroline Le Couteur MLA (ACT Greens) and Reverend Mark Faulkner of Gungahlin Uniting Church, Canberra.

The programme was opened by the IPDC ACT President Dr Majharul Talukder and the guests were welcomed by IPDC Central President Dr Rafiqul Islam.

Dr Rafiqul Islam provided an overview of IPDC’s activities and programmes. He emphasized its welfare and community service programmes for the wider Australian community.

It was an open forum and community leaders expressed their views on coexistence and enhancing peace and harmony amongst Canberra’s diverse community.

Sheikh Adama Konda, Imam, Canberra Islamic Center (CIC), Dr Kamran Shafi, Khateeb Gunghalin Masjid (CMC) Mr Abdul Hakim, President, Islamic Society of ACT (ISAC) Mr Osman Adam, President, Canberra Muslim Youth (CMY), Mr Khurrum Ali Khan, Nazim-ACT, Islamic Forum of Australian Muslims (IFAM) and community leaders Mr Mohammed Ali and Mr Jalal Anis addressed the forum audience.

It was a special and unique type of program in ACT where Imams, community leaders, , government representatives, opposition leaders, Church leaders and community organizations came together on one platform for dialogue.

At the conclusion of the forum, there was a general consensus to organize such programs regularly to exchange views and make better cooperation and understanding amongst the diverse community leaders.

The formal program was followed by dinner hosted by the IPDC Central President Dr Rafiqul Islam.

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