The Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle hosted a very well attended Prophetic Leadership course, delivered by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim. The event, located at the Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown Library, attracted attendees from all over Sydney along with a significant number of interstate guests. The course notably attracted a wide demographic of attendees, ranging from high school and university students, to young professionals and community elders.


The Shaykh, based in Perth but brought up in Canada, has made Sydney a regular teaching location following a recent weekend Al-Kauthar course.

The event began with an analysis of fifteen reasons that leaders fail. These reasons were originally from a Harvard buisness course, but they were powerfully contextualised from an Islamic viewpoint and contrasted to examples from the Seerah (Prophetic Biography) where the Prophet avoided these pitfalls. These examples were then used as a means to keep ourselves away from these factors. This part of the course was noted by many participants to be the most powerful, noting that they could see each of the fifteen points within themselves.

The other half of the day was comprised of an analysis of fundamental leadership principles. The principles were again drawn from the foremost secular leadership theory (primarily from John Maxwell) but were grounded with many examples and comparisons to the Seerah. Attendees noted that despite the long hours of content, they felt the relatable nature of the content and the powerful delivery resulted in high level of concentration throughout the day.

The final point Shaykh Yahya finished with was that a leader's measure of success should be judged by the leadership of those after him. This point was especially powerful and left much for thought. The whole course was extremely powerful, leaving us with a greater appeciation of how the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) embodied the true definition of leadership and inspiring and equipping us to be better leaders.

Shaykh Yahya also presented a program, hosted by IPDC, at St Mary's Mosque targetted at High School students. The event involved a tafseer (explanation) of selected verses of Surah Taha and a discussion about our love of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Shaykh Yahya also presented powerful presentations at the Tears of the Prophet course organised by Islamic Event.

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