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This proposed Islamic Centre will be used for regular Salāt; Hifdhul Qur’an & Tajweed classes; Regular Tafsirul Qur’an & Darsul Hadith session; as well as specially designed programmes targeted for youth, women and international students. This can be a source of immense sadaqa jāria for ourselves and our loved ones. Alhamdulillah, we have successfully completed the settlement. We have however taken a significant loan from the community and your donation is still needed!


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Premium Location

9 Hampden Rd, Lakemba

  • Close to Lakemba train station, Woolworths supermarket, Public school, Kids' playground, Islamic school and a number of car-parks.
  • Lakemba has the largest concentration of Muslim population in Australia
  • Most families are comparatively young - with kids
  • Existing prayer facilities are running in capacity
  • Bangla is most widely spoken language at home among Muslims - not enough infrastructure to support this growing segment.

Services Planned

The centre will inshaAllah cater for:

  • regular Salāt
  • hifdhul Qur’an & tajweed classes
  • weekend Islamic school for little muslims
  • regular motivational programs for growing age children (YMB, YMSA)
  • dedicated slots for women’s Islamic classes
  • tailored shariah courses for different age groups
  • regular tafsirul Qur’an & darsul hadith lessons
  • periodic learning camps for adult and kids
  • Islamic bookstore and library (multi-lingual)
  • parenting programs
  • counselling services (family, career etc)
  • street-dawah hub
  • crisis accommodation for troubled families & youth
  • Islamic media hub

Cost Breakdown

Settlement Price 1.2 Million
Construction Cost 0.4 Million
TOTAL COST 1.6 Million

Settlement Date: 04 Nov 2015

Pledges Received: AUD 200,000+


Bank Details

Bank Name National Australia Bank
Account Name IPDC MP
BSB 083 961
Account Number 844 393 705
Reference LIC Donation


Abdul Goni Chowdhury 0425 816 529
Ertaz Chowdhury 0420 710 548

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